Several things:

First, this morning I looked out my kitchen window and saw that my lawn was mowed. Except I didn’t mow it. For several weeks now actually. It looks as if someone paid a company to do it as the mower tracks on my driveway look commercial. Does this mean I am now an object of pity/scorn in the eyes of my neighbors? I am actually okay with that as I seriously hate yard work.

Second, I accidentally shut my cat in the refrigerator tonight. He’s fine. I found him before too long.

Third, I ate hot dogs for dinner. Which says to me this single thing ain’t so bad.

Now onto the title of today’s blog. As a single person who lives alone it is often assumed I have lots of time on my hands to take on projects. This is actually pretty true. My newly discovered singlehood danger of the week: being the new cheerleading coach at the college where I work.

The thing is now even if I wanted to spend some real quality time with an intriguing member of the opposite sex I don’t have any. I work until 5, practice starts at 5:30 and I am lucky if I’m home before 8:30. At which time I put on PJs, microwave hot dogs, and go to bed. The girls cheer for men’s basketball. We have 17 home games this season. So not only should I kiss good-bye any romantic interests (pun intended) but my friends won’t remember who I am come springtime.

Here’s the crazy part though. I love it. I get to work with college students which is already one of my favorite things but in a totally different context from my day job. I was always on athletic teams growing up and never realized how rewarding coaching is…which is a good thing since it’s a totally volunteer gig :) I have already seen girls do what they didn’t think they could and astound themselves. That is such an incredible lesson not just for school but life. Okay so I guess I should have warned you it was going to get cheesy and philosophical but I can’t help it.

I may get a cool t-shirt so that is exciting. I’ll have to buy it myself but still…


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