Two Miles

Every time I get back to running, starting is always the hardest part. I spent the day today with my boyfriend who lives in a city about an hour north of where I live. We talked yesterday about our plans for today and I mentioned sneaking in a run at some point. I had made a promise to myself that when we changed our clocks so it would be lighter later, I would start running outside again. Before I was actually able to pack my running gear though I had to find it. That may give you some indication of exactly how long it’s been since I got off my lazy arse. Two closets and many drawers later I found  my winter running  gear. That was actually the most progress I had made in my running goal as before I just thought about looking for my gear without ever doing it.

So with running shoes packed, I headed out. I originally planned to run in the morning. Then we decided to see a movie and there just wasn’t enough time to run, shower and get ready. After the movie we did some shopping and got back a little after 5:00. At that point I was pretty much out of excuses. We would start dinner closer to 7:00 so there was lots of time. I got dressed and went online to plan a route. I only wanted to do two miles and the bf was fairly certain that I could run a big block on the nearby streets and have a two mile route. He was right so I set out.

I guess it’s like that quote about a journey of a million miles starting with one step. Each tiny bit of preparation gets me closer to my ultimate goal. While these small things in isolation seem manageable, I quickly become overwhelmed by the totality of it. Tonight I ran two miles. By August, I want to run a ten mile race and set a new personal best. I would like to make it in 1:20 but think 1:24 is more manageable. Running two miles at around a 9 minute pace makes August seem very close indeed.

I have weekly goals that I set out for myself in all aspects of my life. Last week’s goals included things like find a new running plan, hang mirror in bedroom, eat a fruit or veggie with each meal, etc. I didn’t meet all of them but this week’s goals will certainly include following the running schedule. I also want to look back over Geneen Roth’s eating guidelines. Here is a link if you want to check them out: Eating Guidelines

I think Geneen offers a balanced approach to thinking about food and it resonates with me. It’s certainly not easy but I think a much more sustainable way of eating. Speaking of eating, I am sitting on the couch writing this feeling completely satiated. The lovely and talented bf made me dinner which included roasted broccoli with olive oil, salt, pepper and a touch of lemon, with shrimp scampi. I cannot cook at all so dating someone with kitchen prowess is simply wonderful. As soon as I finish this entry I am planning to make my way to the freezer where I know he has thin mints. In that case, I better just end this now.


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